Sunday, 20 February 2011

Galleries #2 - The Tate

Now, i've been told that The Tate doesn't have a specific street art policy, ie: there's no definite reason why they don't have street art inside their walls. They've had it on the outside and I guess they don't want their (wonderful) gallery getting messed up by a load of London urchins. Maybe there's some exhibitions in the making, the new Tanks location would be perfect.

Anyway, they recently had a mark making/graffiti related exhibit & it was a really fun piece, especially as it was so interactive. Check it out below:

You pop into a room, wave a solar flower at a screen, to make your mark and hey presto the sun is (re)born. They give you a code too, so you can check out the image you made when you get back home. It's a really accessible exhibit and a lot of fun, though the room itself is tucked away and the assistant I asked told me I had to buy a flower first, then wait for a light show (you don't need to but I think this was more about a show later on in the day related to the solar flowers). You can buy them, at £16.50 I believe, and they're solar torches and v cute, I don't now how powerful they are in real life.

Here's a few Little sun sunlight images:

Os Gemeos and friends on the outside

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