Monday, 2 December 2013

D*Face - One Man & His Dog

My favourite story in the book is D*Face getting in touch with Shepard Fairey back in 1999 on a still fledgling internet, via an unreliable dial-up modem, using Ask Jeeves to track him down. He was successful. The rest is history. 

Roll on to 2013 and the internet has left us attention-span-less, trolled, open to abuse, & able to claim (arguable) knowledge to just about everything. In the mean time, the world has left us a little weary & cynical (or is that just me? i'm told we're supposed to be happier!). A lot has happened since 1999 and D*Face has made a point of keeping his work relevant & political, aswell as arty. His cure is to end the book with a "keep it real" message, going back to his first love, skateboarding, for inspiration. Seems like a very sensible plan.

In between, his tale charts the rise of modern street art & his place in it. Incorporating divergent themes, audacious installations, ups & downs, politics, power, colour and some great Lichtenstein & Haring inspired artwork. He got the riot his artwork craved (& must have inspired to some small degree). He doesn't explain how he'd like things to be different & the riots were anything but just.

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